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Constitution Mandate

City of Mbombela has to comply with the Constitution of South Africa to ensure that it fulfils its vision and mission:

Provide democratic and accountable government to the community of Mbombela;

City of Mbombela

City of Excellence, the ultimate destination

Mission Statement

"Together in partnership spatially transforming the city, providing effective local governance and rendering competitive municipal services and sustainable development for living, working, investing and leisure"

Ensure that the provision of services to the community of Mbombela is in a sustainable manner;

Promote social and economic development;

Promote a safe and healthy environment; and

Encourage the involvement of the community and community organisations of Mbombela in the matters of the Municipality.

To achieve the above the following vision and mission statement was formulated and adopted;

Core Values

In order to maintain a high level of service, the municipality adopted a set of values to guide the behaviour of all people towards the achievement of the mission and ultimately, the vision of the municipality.  The values seek to develop a culture that informs both the administrative as well as the political components, to achieve the municipality's vision. The values, commonly known as "THE PEACESS" as be outlined as follow:

- T: Transparency

- H: Honesty

- E: Excellence to Communities

- P: Passion

- E: Efficiency

- A: Accountability

- C: Commitment

- E: Empathy

- S: Sustainability

- S: Selflessness


In addition to the core values, the municipality has adopted the following statement as a Motto:

"We never forget, we work with the communities"

Development Priorities

The municipality has adopted the following 13 priorities to be implemented within the period of 5 years:

" Water supply

" Road infrastructure development and storm water

" Electricity supply and management

" Integrated human settlement

" Good governance and public participation

" Sanitation/sewerage

" Community development

" Rural development

" Economic development

" Waste management and greening

" Financial management and viability

" Public transport

" 2010 legacy

IDP Development Objectives

In order to achieve the above development priorities, the municipality has adopted the following 6 objectives:

" To provide infrastructure and sustainable basic services

" To provide sustainable social amenities to the communities

" To strengthen the delivery of sustainable integrated human settlement and environmental management

" To initiate a strong and sustainable economic development

" To build a strong good governance and institutional arrangement

" To ensure legally sound financial viability and management

" To maintain and sustain the 2010 legacy projects

Vision Statement

Broad Development Goals

Vision and Mission