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Cllr M E Nsimbini  Chief Whip




Office of the Chief Whip





Office of the Chief Whip resides within the Legislative arm of Council. The Chief Whip of Council is traditionally the Chief Whip of the majority party responsible for the smooth functioning of the majority party in council and serve as a representative of the Regional Secretary of the Majority Party. Council is consisting of four political parties with a total number of 78 councillors:

African National Congress=66, Democratic Alliance=10, African Christian Democratic Party=1, Pan African Congress=1

Therefore the Chief Whip is responsible for the political alignment, relations and management in ensuring constructive and focus on issues aimed at improving the lives of the residents of Mbombela Local Municipality.

The Chief Whip as the head of Caucus is responsible for the Whippery of the ANC (majority party) which supervises and manages the ANC Caucus as well as the efficient running and coordination of constituency work of councillors. The Chief Whip and Caucus leadership bear the leadership responsibility of motivating, advising and instilling discipline among all members of Caucus.

The role of the Chief Whip as per the delegated powers approved by council on the 26th of August 2011 states the following

Mandate of the Chief Whip

Key Focus Areas

Awaiting Information

Key Performance Areas

Awaiting Information